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Maple sugar is a great replacement for white sugar. Whether you’re looking for an unprocessed sweetener or just want to add a subtle maple flavor, this is the sweetener for you.

Made from 100% Grade A Maple Syrup. Note – All maple sugar has a consistency similar to brown sugar. Small soft lumps may appear, simply apply light pressure and they should crumble. This is due to a small amount of required residual moisture, over dried maple sugar forms hard clump and should be avoided.

No chemical/organic herbicide/pesticides are used producing this sugar. The plastic jug is 100% BPA free and sealed for safety. No artificial flavors, preservatives or dyes.

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Maple Sugar

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Product Information

  • 100% pure, all natural, maple sugar
  • Made in the USA from pure Grade A maple syrup
  • Sustainably harvested from our Pennsylvania hardwood forests
  • No chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, or other additives
  • Solar powered equipment and energy saving reverse osmosis/steam recapture systems keep our resource use to a minimum
  • Family owned and operated by a half dozen people
  • Nova maple sugar is not made with syrup blended from hundreds of questionable farms. It is not repacked by a large corporation that doesn’t even make its own syrup

Wholesale Availability

While we sell most of our maple sugar online, our products are always available by appointment at our sugar shack in Hartstown PA. We’re currently working with local retailers to offer our products at other locations. Please contact us for wholesale information or to schedule an appointment.