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Maple Syrup Maple Sugar
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Maple Candy Maple Cream
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Barrel Aged Syrup Gear

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New sauce available for sale!

03/23/2023 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

Russells BBQ has been busy creating new sauces and one of those just happens to use our maple syrup. Introducing “Pymatuning Gold”, a spicy maple mustard sauce that leaves you wanting more! We grabbed ourselves some of this sauce as soon as it was available so you can now order it from our website here.

2023 Season Update 3

03/12/2023 | Posted by jake |

Even though we missed the January and early February runs we’ve already made as much syrup as last year! With relatively fresh tap holes only 20-30 days old, we’re ready for some big runs later this week. Mother Nature gave us a bit of a rest this weekend along with the next couple days, but we’re expecting 50,000+ gallons of sap Thursday/Friday and much more next week. Production has been smooth with the exception of a vacuum pump failure/replacement last weekend, we’ll detail that more in a future post. Lots of bottled gallons last week as we transition from boiling amber to dark

Sap Truck Driver

03/02/2023 | Posted by jake |

We thought it was about time that we introduced our sap truck driver!

Chet spent his career driving heavy machinery in the construction industry. Now that he is retired he enjoys spending his free time fishing as well as helping out his nephew Jake during maple season by driving the sap truck. He is the proud father of two daughters and grandfather of four grandkids.