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Original Bottles

07/10/2024 | Posted by jake |

This last weekend we were gifted a bottle of our backyard syrup from 2015, when we use to can in old liquor bottles! We also ended up with another one of our wedding favors from the 2014 season. With our ten year wedding anniversary coming up in two days, we may have to celebrate with some ten year old syrup. We’ll make sure the pancakes are a little more fresh though!



06/24/2024 | Posted by jake |

In March/April of 2023 we had two brutal wind storms, both the worst we’ve ever seen in eight seasons. While we only lost power for a day on the first storm, power was out for almost four days after the second storm. We decided to buy and install generators. The farmhouse now has a 26kW Generac that can power the sugar shack and pumphouse, and we have two mobile 10kW generators that we can take to any of the sugar bushes if needed. Hopefully we wont need these during the season, but even if we use them once they should pay for themselves!

Multiflora Rose Spraying

06/11/2024 | Posted by jake |

Anyone who has ever hiked through multiflora rose can tell you how miserable this invasive species is! Originally introduced from Asia to act as a natural fence barrier, this plant quickly took over our hardwood forests. In addition to the uncomfortable thorns, the rose bush blocks out sunlight from new growth of native/desirable species.

It took two years of paperwork and waiting, but we’ve finally started spraying with a grant from the USDA. This year we’ll tackle half of our acreage, and next spring we’ll hit the other half. The effects are already visible after only one month. We can’t wait to get out in the woods this fall to prep without prickers!