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Pint Glasses

08/04/2022 | Posted by jake |

We now have pint glasses for sale! Grab them on our website, or in person at the farm! We’ve been using these here for the last couple of weeks, they’re heavy duty and dishwasher safe.

Pole Barn 3

07/25/2022 | Posted by jake |

In just a few short days the Kauffman crew completed our building! The garage doors are on order and should be in next week. Next we’ll prep the last few inches of gravel for concrete.

Pole Barn 2

07/11/2022 | Posted by jake |

We’ve hit two important checkpoints for our new building. Dreamscapes has readied the site, making quick work on dozens of stumps, 100+ yards of topsoil, and an equal amount of 2A bank gravel. Cussewago Truss has delivered twelve 56′ trusses, any longer and it may have gotten tricky coming up our driveway! Now we just have to wait another two weeks until the Kauffman brothers, who we’ve bought syrup from for years, can make it over to start the actual pole barn.

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