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Double Maple Bacon Wrapped Scallops

08/07/2020 | Posted by jake |

Yesterday we made a delicious appetizer with our maple syrup and maple sugar. Here’s a quick rundown of the recipe

1. Fry bacon and drain fat, patting off excess grease with a paper towel.
2. Add a few ounces of Nova Maple Syrup, cook on medium heat until syrup thickens.
3. Let bacon cool then wrap scallops, using a toothpick to secure
4. Sear scallops and cook 2-4 minute. Flip sides and top with Nova Maple Sugar and continue to cook for another 2-4 minutes

Give it a try! If you don’t have scallops this is still a great way to cook bacon. Enjoy!


New sign

07/26/2020 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

Ginger Worx LLC is making a three-layer metal sign with our logo! The pictures below show it being cut last weekend. Next up is powder coating for color and rust protection. We can’t wait to hang it at the end of our driveway. Check back for more pictures once it’s complete.

Driveway Improvements

07/22/2020 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

Over the weekend we rented an excavator to both widen the driveway and improve drainage. This will help it stand up to endless trips from our 65,000 pound sap truck each maple season.

We dug out both sides of the 4/10 mile long gravel drive (encountering a lot of roots and stumps). One side was left open as a ditch and the other filled with stone. Check out some pictures of the process below!

Building pallets like a boss!

07/17/2020 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

Who needs a gym membership when you have pallets of maple syrup to build?!

Each box contains 4 gallons and weighs just under 50 lbs. We can only put 30 boxes on a pallet, otherwise it would be too heavy for our tractor to load on the truck!
The pallet will be sent to an Amazon warehouse early next week along with two more full of maple sugar and cream.

maple cream

07/13/2020 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

Last week we had a record cream making day, ending up with over 500 pounds! We built a pyramid out of 385 and sent the rest immediately to Amazon’s warehouses.

Light vs Dark Syrup

06/09/2020 | Posted by jake |

We’re often asked about the differences between maple syrup grades. In general, lighter grades are usually made earlier in the season. They have a more mellow maple flavor whereas darker syrups are usually produced later in the season from older sap and has a much stronger maple flavor. As temperatures get warmer and the sap gets older throughout the season the sugar starts to naturally break down, these new sugars caramelize quicker when heated, thats why the syrup tends to be darker and have a stronger taste. Just like white/red wine and light/dark beer, neither is better, just personal preference. That is why the industry no longer call dark syrup grade-b, some people took that to mean inferior which is definitely not the case! We do recommend dark or very dark for cooking, sometimes other ingredients in recipes cover up the maple taste with golden/amber. Our dark grade is perfect on pancakes or on anything else! All grades are 67% sugar / 33% water and have the same thickness/sweetness. We usually use golden/amber for our candy and cream and amber for sugar. Lighter grades usually, but not always, crystalize easier and make better and more consistent confections.

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