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Kameron’s last day

05/13/2022 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

We are sad to announce that today is Kameron’s last day with Nova Maple Syrup. She has been with us since the fall of 2019, and has been a pleasure to have on our team. She has helped us grow throughout her time here, and has become part of our family. We knew this day would come eventually, and wish her the best of luck in the next chapter of her career. Although we will miss her greatly, we know that she will come back and visit!

Candy Vacuum Seal

05/02/2022 | Posted by jake |

Over the years we’ve tried several things to increase the shelf life of our maple candy. The largest improvement came in 2020 with a new recipe and candy machine, utilizing vacuum cooling and temperature controlled pouring to reduce crystal grain size, making an incredibly smooth candy that resist drying out. This winter we bought a new vacuum sealer to further prolong shelf life. The suction also provides the additional benefit of keeping the candy in place during shipment, resulting in less broken pieces. We have a retractable nozzle style sealer that is compatible with a wide variety of bags material/size/textures, allowing us to lower costs compared to typical FoodSaver bags or the Mylar bags we’ve used in the past.

One Second Everyday 2022

04/19/2022 | Posted by jake |

This slideshow shares one second every day of our 2022 maple season here at Nova Maple Syrup. This year was very similar to 2021, we ended up making around 85% of a crop in a 3 week period. January and February were very cold and filled with snow. The snow pack slowed our droplines replacement and tapping progress, but we didn’t lose much sap because of it. The season then sprang into full gear for the first two and a half weeks of March, but like last year we couldn’t  get a hard freeze to extend the season. After the taps ran dry we tried turning on one pump again during the first week of April. To our surprise wee actually got a couple gallons of sap per tap, but the run was short lived and the syrup was not table grade. Given the weather and how the season went for other local producers we feel like we did alright this year, but we’re definitely looking forward to the 2023 season!

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