Checkout these photos of our operation over the years. We plan on organizing them into several categories and making them easier to view sometime in the future when we’re not so busy outside! Checkout some of our favorite recipes too.




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Comments (8)

  1. James says:

    What is the date of manufacture of your half gallon Maple Syrup I just purchased from Amazon that is supposedly Grade A Dark Robust Taste with sku# 7 6275803901 4?There is no expiration date on the bottle like I’ve been accustomed to with other bottles of Maple Syrup I’ve purchased before is why I am asking.Thanks.

    • jake says:

      Hi James, the maple syrup was made this spring in February/March. The syrup should stay good for years unopened, once opened you can leave it in the refrigerator to extend the life but at our house we usually leave it out because we finish a half gallon every few months and have never had any issues with it going bad. I hope this helps, enjoy!

  2. Jef Davenport says:

    Hailee and Jake give me a call at [removed] I hope you have your Pa food permit and would like to offer your products starting Sept 8th.

    Thanks,, Jeff

  3. DENNIS KING says:

    Any coupons at checkout and is it cheaper to order from amazon prime.

    • jake says:

      Hi Dennis, No promotions at the moment. As for Amazon, if you have a membership it can go either way depending on the product and quantity, they have very different infrastructure and shipping costs than we do here, so it’s hard to tell. Thanks for the question!

  4. Enjoyed seeing your segment on PCN tours