Be original this Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Nancy Shaffer says:

    For nearly fifty years my husband and I have used maple sugar candy as first counting the days we would see each other by eating one a day and then having them in our stocking so when I saw your ad and that they are from our home state (we now live in Oregon) I had to order some. They were delicious for Christmas so I ordered another box and since we ate them all I had to order another for valentines day. (two through amazon and one directly) You can imagine our disappointment when we opened this box to each have a large maple leave finding only one instead of the usual four. Still delicious but not the same.

    • Hi Nancy,
      We’re glad to hear that you are enjoying our maple candy! We weigh each box to make sure it has the full 8 or 16 oz of candy, however the distribution of big vs little leafs will sometimes vary.