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2021 Maple Season

04/03/2021 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

Now that the 2021 maple season has wrapped up we’d like to share a slideshow of “one second every day”.

We were able to make about 80% of last year’s crop, despite only 3 weeks of sap flow to work with. We tapped our trees in January, but temperatures stayed below freezing all of February and we were not able to boil until March. Rising temperatures without any dips below freezing and low precipitation dried out the trees, and sap flow slowed down to a trickle after mid-late March. Once we heard the peepers and saw the buds on the trees it was time to call it quits.

We’ve started to pull taps now so that the trees have time to heal before next season.


Anatomy of a tree tapper

01/28/2021 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |
  • Carhartt coat & bibs – Not only do we need insulation to stay warm in the woods during winter, but tough material that can stand up to pricker-bushes (note the double layer by the knees)
  • Utility belt – the many pockets help keep taps and fittings organized and easy to access
  • Tool leashes – have you ever dropped a tool in the woods in deep snow?
  • DeWalt drill – we use special drill bits to drill holes in our trees, only about 1.5” deep to minimize scarring
  • Hammer – we have to make sure the taps are in securely in order to avoid leaks
  • One-handed tool – a specialized tool that is used to push fittings tightly into the tubing
  • Hat & face/neck warmer – we are often tapping in sub-freezing temperatures


Tapper/model: Kameron Ganje