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Maple Syrup Maple Sugar
Maple Syrup Maple Sugar
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Maple Candy Maple Cream
Barrel Aged Maple Syrup Gear
Barrel Aged Syrup Gear

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Latest Blog Posts

Tapping Crew

01/30/2020 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

Some of our 2020 tapping crew ready to get started this morning. Temperatures in the teens won’t stop us!

We’ve been busy and are over halfway through tapping our 22,000+ trees. Stay tuned for more updates!

Bring on the sap!

02/06/2018 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

We finally finished tapping all our trees today!! Final count of 22,255. Once the temps get above freezing we will turn the vacuum back on to collect mother nature’s sweet nectar!