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Yummmm Bars

09/06/2021 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

If you’re looking for a healthy, filling, and tasty snack (or “nacky” as our younger son says), you have to check out YUMMMM Bars. They’re perfect for our busy and active lifestyle, and our kids love them!

We got to know Vicky, the woman behind the bar, after she started ordering our maple syrup for use in making these wholesome snacks. She left the corporate world on a mission to create a bar with healthy ingredients that would not only arm you with energy, but also taste great. We would say she succeeded, but encourage you to try one and judge for yourself!

This small business is located in California where you can sometimes find Vicky selling her bars at local farmers markets. But don’t worry, they are also available to order online from her website – check it out here.


Nova Maple Syrup Team

09/14/2020 | Posted by Hailee Leveto | | 2 Comments

We know it sounds cliche, but our team here at Nova Maple Syrup is like a family! We really do have a lot of fun together at work. The sugar shack regularly smells like maple but that delicious scent is also accompanied by the sounds of laughter.

What started 5 years ago with Jake and one other full time worker has now grown into 6 full time people. Hailee resigned from teaching in June of 2018 to join the business full time and in the past year we have welcomed two old friends and two new friends.

Pictured: (top row) Nova the dog, Jake L, Yoda, Hailee; (bottom row) Brian, Kameron, Jake C.

We are extremely lucky to have experienced continued growth in 2020, which is not only due to the hard work of our awesome employees, but also to the loyal customers we have met along the way.