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2021 Maple Season

04/03/2021 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

Now that the 2021 maple season has wrapped up we’d like to share a slideshow of “one second every day”.

We were able to make about 80% of last year’s crop, despite only 3 weeks of sap flow to work with. We tapped our trees in January, but temperatures stayed below freezing all of February and we were not able to boil until March. Rising temperatures without any dips below freezing and low precipitation dried out the trees, and sap flow slowed down to a trickle after mid-late March. Once we heard the peepers and saw the buds on the trees it was time to call it quits.

We’ve started to pull taps now so that the trees have time to heal before next season.


What’s SAPpening?

03/10/2021 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

Yesterday was a big day for sap! The sun and warm temperatures really got the trees flowing and we had over 35,000 gallons of sap delivered from our other 3 properties. That doesn’t include the 10,000+ gallons pumped from this property. We also ended the day with 3,500 gallons in the sap truck because we didn’t have room to unload it.

We have been using webcams for several years to keep an eye on tank levels in order to prevent sap from overflowing. We also have webcams in the pump houses so we can see the vacuum level for each property. This year we’re experimenting with wireless vacuum monitors at the end of each line. Stay tuned!