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Nova Maple Syrup is family produced in Northwest Pennsylvania, sustainably harvested from our own hardwood forests. We pride ourselves on making the best syrup possible, and are confident you’ll enjoy eating it as much as we enjoy making it! Use it on sweets, meats, and breakfast treats.

No chemical/organic herbicide/pesticides are used producing this syrup. The plastic jug is 100% BPA free and hot packed/sealed for safety. No artificial flavors, preservatives or dyes are used.

Maple Syrup

Half Pint
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Half Gallon
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About Grades

We’re often asked about the differences between maple syrup grades. In general, lighter grades are usually made earlier in the season. They have a more mellow maple flavor whereas darker syrups are usually produced later in the season from older sap and has a much stronger maple flavor. As temperatures get warmer and the sap gets older throughout the season the sugar starts to naturally break down, these new sugars caramelize quicker when heated, thats why the syrup tends to be darker and have a stronger taste. Just like white/red wine and light/dark beer, neither is better, just personal preference. That is why the industry no longer calls dark syrup Grade-B—some people thought that meant it was inferior which is definitely not the case! We do recommend dark or very dark for cooking. If you use golden/amber in recipes, other ingredients may cover up the maple taste. Our dark grade is perfect on pancakes or on anything else! All grades are 67% sugar, 33% water, and have the same thickness and sweetness. We usually use golden/amber for our candy and cream and amber for sugar. Lighter grades usually, but not always, crystalize easier and make better and more consistent confections.

International Grading System

Nova Maple Syrup uses the new International Grading System that took effect in April 2015. All of the syrup we sell is Grade-A, though the sub-grades will vary based on the weather, trees, and individual season. We ship Grade-A Golden Delicate Taste, Amber Rich, Dark Robust, and Very Dark Strong. Darker syrup has a stronger maple flavor than lighter colored maple syrup, and is no way inferior. Both are equally as sweet and are comprised of 67% all natural sugar and 33% water. It all comes down to personal taste preference

We will NOT ship the new Grade-B Commercial (formerly Grade-C) syrup.