Maple syrup has some similarities to single malt whiskey and wine vintages. Every barrel is slightly different based on growing and processing conditions. Sometimes this is a good thing, but often it’s more advantageous to have consistent syrup for confections. In addition to having the right color/grade it’s also important to have the correct percentage of natural glucose/fructose/sucrose to ensure proper crystallization. Last month we started using these borrowed totes to blend up to seven individual barrels together, achieving our desired characteristics. A batch of candy or cream takes approximately 12 gallons of syrup, so these 300 gallon totes can make around 25 batches of consistent product. No need to tweak the recipe every few batches and no more ending up with soft, hard, light, dark, strong, or weak tasting results. This spring we plan on purchasing a few of our own so that we always have mixtures on hand for cream, candy, and sugar.


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