Our Conneautville sugar bush has always been tricky due to Thompson road bisecting it. We’ve always had one pumphouse supplying vacuum for all 5000 taps, with a 2″ vacuum line spanning 2,100′ to supply the west side of the property with suction. With electric ran two years ago for a new releaser, we decided to build another pumphouse for our second/backup vacuum pump . We’ll essentially have two separate sugar bushes now, with two different pumps individually supplying 3,000 and 2,000 taps. If a pump ever goes down we’ll still have the option to open the vacuum line and connect all 5,000 taps again. In addition to all of the freeze up issues with the vacuum line and releaser we’ve had in the past, we should have much higher and more consistent vacuum levels on each side now to extract more sap!


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