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Vacuum pump swap

04/25/2023 | Posted by jake |

On March 3rd we noticed one of  our vacuum pumps running a bit louder than usual. The very next day our Datacer system showed a vacuum level of only 18″. Before we had a chance to investigate, the vacuum ended up dropping to 0, and the next morning we found a seized up pump. This is exactly why we have a backup for every piece of equipment.

While navigating the wet area near our Robinson road pumphouse is not something we like to do, we ended up successfully swapping the pumps, though we did get the tractor stuck for a while! After hooking up the backup, we were disappointed to find that the wires leading into the motor were damaged and shorting out. This left us with a good motor attached to a bad pump and a bad motor attached to a good pump. Luckily the motors were compatible and similarly sized, after swapping a few couplings and re-attaching the motor we were up and running again! The two days without vacuum most definitely shortened the tap hole life on this property, but we ended up getting several more loads of sap before the season ended.

We’ll check out the seized pump next month. Based on the noise leading up to the seizure our guess is the bearings failed first, leading to additional failures. We’ll be sure to purchase another backup over the summer, one without wire damage, to be ready for next season!


Two Wind Storms

04/14/2023 | Posted by jake |

March 25th and April 2nd were not good days. In the eight years we’ve lived here we’ve never seen wind like this. We were thinking about shutting down for the year before the first storm, the damage helped us make that decision. Then just a week after the first storm we were hit with another equally bad one, this time taking power out for over three days! We’re just now catching up with the damage around the sugar shack and houses, it will take all spring/summer to fix what’s in the woods. Fortunately nobody was hurt and we’ll be able to fix everything. Here are some photos from around the house.

Season Slideshow and Summary

04/04/2023 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

Well folks, we’ve heard the peepers and the call of spring and sunshine! It’s safe to say that the 2023 maple season has come to an end in these parts so it’s time to share our stats as well as our slideshow.

We boiled 6,000 gallons of syrup this year from 437,000 gallons of sap collected, which is more than we did each of the past two years. This winter was definitely different, with much less snow. Secondly, unlike the last two years, there was sap flow in February, allowing us to have our first boil earlier in the year.

It’s a good thing the season is over because we had some crazy winds here over the past two weekends that caused dozens of trees to fall on our properties as well as a loss of power. We’ll have some cleanup to do this spring along with untapping the trees so they can heal for next season.

If you’d like to see a slideshow of this season, check out the video below.