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Underground Culverts

05/26/2021 | Posted by jake |

Unfortunately maple tubing often blocks roads and trails. For the last six years we didn’t have access to a back road by our pumphouse. Occasionally we would unhook the lines but it was never a great solution. This last season after the lines were unintentionally ripped down we decided to send them underground and improve drainage. We’re always looking for ways to improve our tubing systems and are looking forward to the day we can install more!


Leak Checking at Nova Maple Syrup

05/07/2021 | Posted by jake |

This leak checking video was produced by one of our interns during the 2021 season. Originally planned for internal training use, we decided to make it public in for anyone interested. It gives a basic overview of our sugar bush leak checking procedures at Nova Maple Syrup.

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Whiskey Smoked Stout

04/23/2021 | Posted by jake |

Last September we partnered with Oil Creek Brewing Co to swap oak barrels for aging. They made an amazing smoked stout which was aged in this oak whiskey barrel. Over the last six months our maple syrup has been sitting in that same barrel, absorbing all of the great flavors. We finally opened it for bottling earlier this month, the results were spectacular. We only have 70 of these limited edition bottles, get them from our store before it’s too late!