Over the last few months we’ve been moving around lots of tanks. Our home property was limited last year by storage, three 4,000 gallon tanks and our 4,200 gallon/hour RO couldn’t keep up with our NASCAR sap truck driver while our woods were also pouring sap into them. We also had some plastic overflow tanks on the other properties, those are gone now as we much prefer stainless tanks. This year we now have two 8,500 gallon tanks at our house and seven 4,000 gallon plus two 3,000 gallon tanks out in our woods. That’s 54,000 gallons of sap storage! We also connected them at the top with overflows instead of at the bottom where the valves are located, now we can clean one while simultaneously collecting in the other. Next up is to re-attach filter manifolds and build a catwalk on our home tanks so we can pressure wash them easier, we’ll save that until after the taps are in early next month.

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