Sorry for the lack of posts lately, we’ve been even more busy since the trees started to bud. Quick update on our sugar, checkout the new containers and labels, we feel this extra cost is well worth it compared to vacuum bags. In addition to cleaning up and taking out the taps we’ll be working on maple cream and candy these next few weeks as well as getting our supplies ready for our new properties.

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  1. Timothy Dobson says:

    looks like you found a sweet spot for price and production savings. Sugar is liekly more powdery (which some complain of) but I am flexible. Is the grade really A or is it a darker B? Just trying to understand why your price is so much better than others – even the big Farms. thanks for trying hard and offering bulk pricing at lower weight volumes. Is your moisture content higher than typical dry granules? Many have noted the sugar being more like demerera – moist.

    • jake says:

      Hi Tim, I received your voicemail today, I’m on vacation with low cell service. Maple Sugar is more like brown sugar than cane sugar, it has to have a certain amount of moisture in it. Too high or too low and it will clump up. We package and send it to Amazon at the correct moisture content, sometimes during storage it can give off or absorb a little more but it usually stays just fine. We use Grade-A, typically a mix of Grade-A Amber and Grade-A Dark. Competition is the reason the other prices are so high, even at my price point I’m still able to make a higher profit than maple syrup, so I’m keeping it at this level to try to sell more. Hopefully this helps!

      • Tim says:

        That helps. I ordered a 6 lb. container from amazon after seeing the pallet photo . But the shipment time suggests a long wait. I will deal with amazon on that aspect. Thanks and good luck.

        • jake says:

          Great, I hope you enjoy it! The extended wait time is a result of Amazon cross-shipping the sugar from warehouse to warehouse, we just sent them two more pallets and they are in the process of distributing the inventory at the moment.

  2. Katie S says:

    Hi there, I’m also considering buying the bulk sugar from Amazon, and had a question regarding your farming practices. Do you use any pesticides or herbicides in your groves or any chemicals in your manufacturing process for the maple sugar? I understand that a product doesn’t necessarily need to pay for the expensive organic certification in order to be considered inherently organic and all natural, but a lack of cert also means I like to clarify the possibility of chemicals that may be present in a product and rule that out if it isn’t the case. Thanks for your time!

    • jake says:

      Hi Katie, you’re absolutely right, we don’t feel the need to do everything for an organic certification. We use no pesticides or herbicides or any other chemicals, you can be confident that our maple syrup is 100% pure and sustainably farmed!

      • Katie S says:

        Excellent, thank you for taking the time to respond. Our family will definitely be ordering some in the near future. Best wishes to your continued success and kudos for taking care of those trees so well!!