We just received our new sap releasers. A releaser separates the sap from the air in the vacuum system and is critical for both performance and sap quality. These electric releasers are more efficient and easier to clean and will help us collect more gallons of higher quality sap. In addition to the two pictured, our partner that sells us sap purchased one as well. We’re now up to five of these in the woods. These each have 2x 2HP pumps and move sap from 7500 taps over 1000 feet. Our smaller woods only need a single 1HP pump since they have ~3000 taps going <100 feet. More pictures once we get them installed!

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  1. […] October we posted about our new releasers for two of our woods. They were successfully installed later that month and we finally had a chance to test them a week […]

  2. Lewis l Lottie says:

    what’s the price on the single releaser for 3000 taps