In honor of Jake’s birthday today, I made a maple cheesecake with graham cracker base, a recipe I found in one of our several maple cookbooks. It was a hit!

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  1. Heather H says:

    I originally found your product on Amazon, then went to you website bc you sounded so interesting. I love that you are able to do all you do with only a half dozen helpers. I haven’t explored your website much, but it would be great if you had pictures of the process, equipment, people, pets and the area where you live. I love that you are solar powered, too!
    I see this luscious Maple Cheesecake and I started to salivate! could you please send me the recipe? I love to bake and I think it sounds really, really good! I will send folks your way if they want to make it themselves and if they need anything Maple!
    Thank you and all the best for a sappy spring!

    • Thank you for taking the time to find our website and check us out! We love to have interested customers and try to post various pictures and information every so often on both our website as well as our social media pages. As you noticed, we are a small operation and so sometimes that falls by the wayside. We usually post more about the process during the actually maple season (January – March/April).
      As for the cheesecake recipe, I unfortunately do not have the rights to it, as I just found it in one of my (several) maple cookbooks. But I can tell you what book it’s in – “Maple Syrup Cookbook”, by Ken Haedrich. I’ve tabbed and used many recipes from it so if you’re a fan a cooking/baking with maple I would say it’s definitely worth it!