We have always sent the bulk of our syrup through Amazon’s distribution system. Lately we’ve started to sell a much larger share directly from our website, plus due to maple candy’s shorter shelf life it is always sent fresh from the sugar shack. Here is a brief look into what went out directly from the sugar shack over the last two weeks.
Traditionally January-April is our busy season making syrup, however this year we were definitely busier in November-December. This would never have been possible without an amazing team, who start in the morning around 5:30AM with the first candy batch and ended around 8PM when the last box was packed up for the day. Looking forward to going back to normal and getting into the woods again – tentative tapping scheduled for the second week of January!


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  1. J. Ferguson says:

    We bought your amazing product in Nov. the first time…reordered 2 (1lb. boxes) for Christmas gifts. The arrived today 12/24..I was so excited. Thank you for the package and complements on an outstanding product.

  2. Gayle Spelts says:

    Thank you for getting my order out so promptly and in one shipment! Had it for breakfast on 1/1/2021!