The season that started strong may be coming to an early end. We usually run until late March/early April, but this year the last sap run may have been March 5th! We’ll know for sure tomorrow evening if this weekend’s freeze is enough to rejuvenate old tap holes that just experienced a week of warm temperatures and no freezing nights. If the sap tastes good we’ll continue on, with the possibility of re-tapping later in the week if the extended forecast looks good. If the sap tastes bad we’ll throw in the towel. The trees are close to budding, which changes the flavor for the worse. Check out the picture of a small yard maple with swollen buds starting to flower. We’re currently at 90% of a crop so the season has been a success. Even with more sap than average the total amount of syrup produced has been lower due to low sugar content in the area this year.

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