First, another season update. This season is looking a lot like 2021, a mostly frozen January/February followed by a flood of sap in early March, then warm weather with no freezes. We’ve passed our 2021 production numbers by 5-10% to put us at 85% of a normal crop. Based on other reports in the area we feel fortunate to have that much. Our pumps are still hoping it freezes tonight and that the taps are not dried out just yet.

Another Datacer update. One great feature is the ability to turn the vacuum pump on/off remotely. In February we had an unexpected issue where ice formed in a releaser, preventing the submersible pumps from running. We noticed this while at another property. Instead of racing home to turn the vacuum pump off before it sucked sap, we were able to press a few buttons and turn it off from 20 miles away. Anyone who has ever cleaned a flooded rotary claw pump knows how valuable this is! The pumphouse controller has several other features, including tank level sensors, pressure sensors, sap drain control, and indoor/outdoor temperature monitors.

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