Quick season update – We’ve made over 50% of the syrup we made last year, and if you count all of the sugar in the evaporator/chiller/tanks we’re probably approachingg 50% of a normal crop (last year we only hit around 80% due to poor weather). We should get a few decent runs this week, a nice freeze over the weekend, then some big runs next week!

We’ve been using our Datacer tank sensors to calculate gallons of sap per hour. Based on the attached chart, our 4,000 gallon tank filled up in 4 hours, so our 7,000 taps at this location ran 1,000 gallons/hour! All four tanks filled up that day, we were very close to overflowing but managed to get our truck there in time. We’ve always had cameras on our tanks but this allows us to quickly calculate when they would overflow, sometimes allowing us to sleep easier at night!


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