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Aerial Photo

06/29/2022 | Posted by jake |

A friend of ours who helped out during the 2021 maple season flew his plane over the farm Saturday and shared this picture! It’s neat to see the property from above. You can see where the new pole barn is going, just above the solar panels, we’ll have pictures of the readied foundation for our next post!

Bulk Up

06/15/2022 | Posted by jake |

At Nova Maple Syrup we stay busy year round in the sugar shack. We know that free time will be hard to come by November through April, so this time of year we’re bulking up on packaged products and storing them in our cooler. This month we’ve been hard at work packing 3/6 pound sugars and gallon jugs. Lots more to prep, but it’s a good start for mid-June!

New Pole Barn

05/26/2022 | Posted by jake |

We’re out of space again! Despite purchasing the property with a 3600 sq.ft. sugar shack and 1800 sq.ft. garage, we’ve already had to build a 1200 sq.ft. pole barn and 1350 sq.ft. addition. This summer we’ll add a new 2500 sq.ft. high ceilinged pole barn. We’ve already finished clearing the trees, next month Dreamscapes will prep the site, and in July a fellow maple syrup farmer will put-up the building. We should have plenty of room for barrels, containers, hay, and everything else.


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