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Amazon Sales Rank

11/09/2020 | Posted by jake |

We want to thank all of our loyal customers for helping us achieve a new milestone this month! We’ve been watching our product sales ranks on Amazon over the last week and they finally reached the #1 product for both maple sugar and maple cream in the Maple Syrup category! Our gallon of syrup currently ranks #60. It’s been a steady climb for the last five years, but this is proof that if you produce a great product at a great price you will attract and retain great customers! Looking forward to upcoming season so we can re-stock our almost bare storage fridges!


Sweat Pants

11/04/2020 | Posted by jake |

Checkout our new sweat pants, available now on our web store and in person at the sugar shack!

These comfy fleece sweatpants have a key pocket inside the waistband, side pockets, drawstring waistband and elasticized hem.

Meet Hot Dog

10/27/2020 | Posted by jake |

Meet Hot Dog (top), our newest cow! Both Steak (bottom left) and Cheeseburger (bottom right) and doing great and have put on several pounds over the last year, mostly from the hay grown at our Greenville property. The old guys aren’t quite sure what to think of their new young friend, but they seem to be getting along just fine.

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