We’ve partnered with our friends over at oilcreekbrewingco to swap some barrels for aging! They just filled this bourbon barrel from McLaughlin Distillery with their own smoked stout (10% ABV). Once it’s ready in a month or so we’ll age some syrup in it for ~6 months, then it will go right back to OCBC for an aged maple beer! Stay tuned

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  1. […] Last September we partnered with Oil Creek Brewing Co to swap oak barrels for aging. They made an amazing smoked stout which was aged in this oak whiskey barrel. Over the last six months our maple syrup has been sitting in that same barrel, absorbing all of the great flavors. We finally opened it for bottling earlier this month, the results were spectacular. We only have 70 of these limited edition bottles, get them from our store before it’s too late! […]