• Carhartt coat & bibs – Not only do we need insulation to stay warm in the woods during winter, but tough material that can stand up to pricker-bushes (note the double layer by the knees)
  • Utility belt – the many pockets help keep taps and fittings organized and easy to access
  • Tool leashes – have you ever dropped a tool in the woods in deep snow?
  • DeWalt drill – we use special drill bits to drill holes in our trees, only about 1.5” deep to minimize scarring
  • Hammer – we have to make sure the taps are in securely in order to avoid leaks
  • One-handed tool – a specialized tool that is used to push fittings tightly into the tubing
  • Hat & face/neck warmer – we are often tapping in sub-freezing temperatures


Tapper/model: Kameron Ganje

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