We love reading reviews posted to our amazon page. We’re up to 500 or so on all of our product pages, almost all of them 4/5 stars. Here is a gem we just received –

“I bought a gallon of this liquid heaven. I put it on everything: pancakes, oatmeal, spaghetti. It’s so damn delicious! And I went to their website and read their story. I fell in love with Nova the dog, and I had to try what these folks were cookin’ up. I eat a lot of maple syrup. Most store bought commercial brands are blends that have few, if any, nuances. So, Nova is more small batch in taste, and it packs a hefty maple wallop. Sugar content is the same as any other brand. This will become my pantry staple for eternity. All other brands are inferior to this. These folks are gonna need a lot more trees pretty soon if they keep pumping out maple sauce like this.Best wishes to the family and the new biz!”

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