We just hit our 10,000th sale on Amazon! To celebrate, our quarts are on sale for only $14.99. Stay tuned for an even bigger announcement as soon as we have a chance to take the right picture…


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  1. Cindy urbin says:

    Re: love your cask series bourbon scotch. Please tell my why 1/4 bottle is filled with crystals and can they be dissolved?

    • jake says:

      Hi Cindy, we found that while aging the syrup some of the water evaporated, leaving the syrup with too much sugar in it. It wasn’t originally noticed, most likely because it was warm were the syrup was aging where the sugar stayed dissolved, but as the bottles have sat in different locations some of the sugar precipitated out. Once you finish the liquid we recommend pouring some hot water in and heating the bottle slowly to let the sugar dissolve, then you should be able to finish it. Sorry about the inconvenience, we’re correcting the ratio in all future batches now!

  2. Edward Quish says:

    I have a small sugar house and produce Connecticut maple syrup. I have tried my hand at maple cotton candy. This last time I purchased your maple sugar it is by far the best sugar for cotton candy the color aroma and taste are superior to other sugars I have used. I don’t produce enough syrup to make my own and will continue to use yours as I need it
    Thank you !
    Perkins pure sugar house

    • jake says:

      Thanks for sharing Edward, we’re glad you’re able to use our sugar! We haven’t tried our hand at cotton candy yet but we definitely plan on doing it someday soon, it’s good to know the sugar works well!