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It’s cider season!

09/08/2018 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

Local friends — our products are now available at Davenport Fruit Farm on Townline Road. They just opened for the season and have the BEST apple cider around! What are you waiting for??


Now locally available!

08/06/2018 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

Exciting news for our local friends — Nova Maple Syrup products are now being sold at Family Farm & Home!

Originating in Michigan, the store recently opened their first location in Pennsylvania by the Walmart in Meadville. Stop in to get your maple syrup/bourbon syrup/sugar/cream/candy fix today!

Packing Sugar

07/12/2018 | Posted by jake |

Making and packing maple sugar, we want to have our fridge fully stocked for holiday sales this year. The tower consists of 242 3-pound containers, the tote has to weight at least 100 pounds, and the batch it the Hobart mixer is around 10 gallons of syrup.

Quart Sale

06/29/2018 | Posted by jake |

Our quarts of maple syrup are on sale at Amazon for only 13.99 with Prime! Check it out quick, this sale will only last the weekend or until we sell down our excess inventory of quarts!

View Quart On Amazon


Sugar Containers

06/11/2018 | Posted by jake |

We just received and unloaded our maple sugar container shipment, it came all the way from south Florida this time. These 12,500 containers will hold sugar made from 3,750 gallons of syrup. We’re almost done hooking up a new 320 gallon propane tank and the Hobart mixer has been tuned and is ready to go. The smell of fresh maple syrup will continue to fill the sugar shack throughout the summer!

Amber Syrup

04/08/2018 | Posted by jake |

Still drawing off Grade-A Amber in April. Between improving our processing techniques and the cooler weather this spring we’ve only made one barrel of very dark syrup, and most of the dark we’ve bottled was just a hair away from being graded amber. Sap is now filtered three times, first at the releaser, second while pumping into the holding tanks, third before entering the reverse osmosis, and then again after it’s been boiled down to syrup. We usually concentrate our sap from around 1.5% sugar to 5%, then a second pass takes it up to 18% and it’s boiled to 67% immediately at a very fast boil rate. All of this ensures minimal time for bacteria to split the sucrose molecules into fructose+glucose and just the right amount of caramelization for the perfect flavor/color combination. Now enough about the process/science and a video of some fresh syrup we boiled Friday!

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