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Buy local!

11/21/2018 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

Local friends — Family Farm & Home has stocked up on Nova Maple products and they are on display right by the register.

Thanksgiving tip 🦃
Sweet potato dishes taste extra yummy with some maple syrup mixed in and some sugar sprinkled on top

Red, orange, or yellow?

10/31/2018 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

Have you ever wondered why some leaves turn yellow in the fall, while others turn red or orange? The answer is pretty science-y. Read on to find out!

Once the temperatures drop and days get shorter, leaves stop the process of photosynthesis to save energy, because they aren’t receiving the strong sunlight of spring and summer months. Since they are not producing chlorophyll anymore, which is what gives leaves their green color, it allows other pigments to shine through. “Carotenoids” are the same pigments present in carrots and give leaves an orange color. “Xanthophyll” is the pigment responsible for yellows. These pigments have been in the leaves all along, but chlorophyll overpowered them so all we saw was green.

Red leaves, however, emerge for a different reason. “Anthocyanins” are molecules that protect leaves from too much sunlight once photosynthesis is no longer occurring, sort of like sunscreen. This is why the upper and outer leaves of some yellow trees look like they are tinged with red. Anthocyanins also lower the freezing point, and offer protection from frost, allowing trees to keep their leaves a bit longer. In maple trees, the red pigments come about in the fall from trapped glucose (sugar).

It has been said that the best place in the world for fall foliage is the Northeastern United States due to its climate and wide range of deciduous trees. In that case, we count ourselves lucky to live in the heart of it all!



Fall Morning

10/30/2018 | Posted by jake |

A crisp, fall morning on the farm. There’s nothing quite like sunlight filtering through the trees like this.

Maple Candy Batches

10/24/2018 | Posted by jake |

We’ve made 3 batches of maple candy in the last week, each weighing in at about 25-27 pounds. Don’t worry, we make sure to taste test every batch for quality control


10/12/2018 | Posted by jake |

We’ve been busy stocking Amazon’s fulfillment centers in preparation for the Christmas season. We’ve sent out 568 of these Home Depot boxes since the beginning of August. After depleting Meadville’s HD stock we had to run up to Erie and bought all 300 of their extra-small moving boxes. Having stock available in the majority of Amazon’s warehouses mean’s we can often offer same day delivery!

Candy Order

09/20/2018 | Posted by jake |

The good news – Someone just ordered 30 boxes of candy. The bad news – They chose two day shipping with next day processing and we only have 21 boxes left from the last batch. Looks like we’re packing candy first thing tomorrow morning!

It’s cider season!

09/08/2018 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

Local friends — our products are now available at Davenport Fruit Farm on Townline Road. They just opened for the season and have the BEST apple cider around! What are you waiting for??


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