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New greenhouses

03/17/2018 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

These greenhouses were recently constructed to insulate the sap releasers and prevent ice building up inside, allowing optimal sap collection.

The electrical heat cable will work in tandem with the sun’s rays to keep it warm in the mornings before temperatures rise to above freezing. Usually the heat from our vacuum pump warms the releasers, but these two are in remote locations.

Pallets for days

03/02/2018 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

3 pallets of syrup got picked up today and are en route to an Amazon warehouse. We wanted to get stocked up so we can focus on making more products as the season progresses.

Overflow Tanks

02/20/2018 | Posted by jake |

This summer we plumbed 6,000 gallons worth of overflow tanks because we knew we’d have at least one run like last night. Our live webcams show nearly all of our tanks full this morning. Headed out now with both trucks to haul sap while the RO (Reverse Osmosis) machine concentrates sap to free up much needed tank space at the sugar shack.


397 Gallons

02/17/2018 | Posted by jake |

397 gallons of syrup, loving this 15” filter press and clean early season sap. Not a bad day in the sugar shack, looking forward to next week’s weather forecast!


Downed Tree

02/17/2018 | Posted by jake |

Nothing like waking up to a giant rotten tree covered in poison ivy from a neighboring field laying across three mainlines. It also snapped a large fitting introducing a giant leak to the entire property. Timing couldn’t be worse with the sap flowing hard today, but we had it off and fixed in less than an hour. Lookin forward to firing up the evaporator this evening, lots of sap ready to boil!

Bring on the sap!

02/06/2018 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

We finally finished tapping all our trees today!! Final count of 22,255. Once the temps get above freezing we will turn the vacuum back on to collect mother nature’s sweet nectar!

First boil of 2018!

01/25/2018 | Posted by Hailee Leveto |

Dexter witnessed his first boil last night. This sap is from the 7500 trees at our house that ran earlier this week. We’ll have 4000+ more from our Greenville property ready for this weekend’s run, bringing us up to half capacity.

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