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Portland Arboretum

09/20/2017 | Posted by jake |

We visited the Portland Arboretum this weekend and found plenty of strange maple trees, too bad we can’t tap them to try their syrup!


09/14/2017 | Posted by jake |

We always thin our sugar bushes before installing tubing so that the maple trees and other timber receive enough sunlight and soil to thrive. Usually we take out the weakest, damaged, and undesirable tree species first, but our property on Brass road had some mature black walnut that was ready to harvest. We’ve finally finished making floorboards out of some of it for our new home. C&M milled and coated 1121 sq.ft. for us, it looks amazing. We can’t wait to make some tap hole maple in 5-10 years on our next harvest!

Davenport Display

09/09/2017 | Posted by jake |

Nova visited Davenport just before closing time earlier today to check out the syrup display — she approves and highly recommends making a trip out there now that they’re open for the season! — at Davenport Fruit Farm.


Davenport Fruit Farm

09/06/2017 | Posted by jake |

We’re happy to announce that Davenport Fruit Farm (Facebook) will be selling our syrup and sugar this season! Make sure to stop by and pick up some of their delicious apples, unpasteurized cider, and of course our syrup. Davenport opens Friday and is located at 13124 Townline Road.

Praying Mantis

08/30/2017 | Posted by jake |

We had a visitor on one of our tanks today. In the background is a manifold that we’re building to filter sap as it pumps off of our trucks

Sales Heat Map

07/21/2017 | Posted by jake |

After waking up this morning we were curious where our syrup goes after Amazon ships it. A quick Google search took us to where we generated these images! Here’s our first 7500 orders, that’s a lot of pancakes!

Maple Candy

06/28/2017 | Posted by jake |

Our candy is once again available on Amazon! Last year we found that while their distribution model works great for syrup, candy sits too long in warehouses all over the country. To fix this issue we’re now shipping directly from our sugar shack, orders go out the next day and typically take 2 days to arrive. We make all of our candy fresh and it is stored sealed in a freezer while it awaits shipment. Check it out and feel free to post a review since it’s a new product page.

Amazon’s Choice

06/23/2017 | Posted by jake |

We now have the Amazon Choice tag on our maple syrup, I wonder if Jeff Bazos gets his syrup through amazon? We’re interested on how the Whole Foods acquisition will play out, wouldn’t it be great to see Nova Maple Syrup in retail grocery stores some day?

Maple Cream Machine

06/01/2017 | Posted by jake |

We just finished our home made maple cream machine and made our first batch! Why pay $3000 for the same machine when we can build our own for ~$1000 and a couple hours of work? We’re working on our recipe this month so that we can make the longest lasting cream possible (cream likes to separate like natural peanut butter). We’re also working on our own custom containers. Stay tuned!