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100 Reviews on Amazon

11/01/2016 | Posted by jake |

We’ve reached the 100 Customer review milestone on Amazon, averaging 4.6/5 stars! Maple Syrup is the perfect Christmas gift for those hard to buy for friends/family members, check out our product page on Amazon

New Product Preview

08/11/2016 | Posted by jake |

We have a very special new product coming out next week, here’s a preview – “Aged in reclaimed oak barrels, our syrup is imbued with the complex flavors left over from past spirits. These barrels were first used to age Kentucky Bourbon, smoothing the harsh tannins and toasted notes from the wood. A second aging with either brandy or scotch whisky further mellows the barrel so that it is ready to share its flavors with our maple syrup.”

Half Pint Containers

07/10/2016 | Posted by jake |

New custom half pint containers, perfect for gifts at only $6! We decided to print waterproof stickers for these small containers rather than use the lower resolution screen printing that works so great on the large bottles.



07/06/2016 | Posted by jake |

New company shirts and hats! Contact us directly to purchase now, we’ll add them to the store soon when we have a chance.



Pallets To Amazon

04/14/2016 | Posted by jake | | 2 Comments

We just readied 2000 pounds of syrup and sugar to send to Amazon. Instead of shipping dozens of boxes through UPS at around $0.40/pound we’re shipping these two pallets out on a truck for < $0.08/pound. This significant savings will allow us to keep our prices lower than any other competitor on Amazon while still making it worthwhile to sell!