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New Filter Press

03/20/2017 | Posted by jake |

Our new 15″ filter press with ten hollows and nine flat plates. 1″ lines and an air powered diaphragm pump. We’ve used this piece of equipment twice so far and haven’t even come close to clogging it up. Our old syrup filters would need changed ever 50 gallons or so, this one processed 250 gallons last time before we ran out of sap and had to shut down for the day.

Brass Status Update

03/11/2017 | Posted by jake | | 1 Comment

We’re half way tapped on our Greenville property now. 4,082 taps currently for a grand total of 19,295 tapped trees on our four properties at the moment. The remaining main lines are all up and ready to go. We have three guest tubing installers coming out next week along with our usual four workers, with any luck well get most of the remaining 3,500 taps running before the season comes to a close.

Trees Down On The Road

03/08/2017 | Posted by jake |

One of many trees down on the roads today. On the one mile stretch of route 18 on the way to Brass road we counted three different trees down, luckily the local fire department was there clearing the road. The good news of this storm is that anything left standing won’t be coming down on our lines in the foreseeable future!


03/08/2017 | Posted by jake |

It definitely ran hard at Brass Road last night, these tanks had 4,000 gallons of capacity when we left at dusk and now they’re overflowing at 8,000 gallons! Sap truck should be there soon so we don’t lose anymore

Weather Update

02/26/2017 | Posted by jake |

Finally some true February temperatures, this freeze should kickstart the trees into running again and flush out all of the warm and hazy sap we’ve had to process last week. We’re all taking a much needed and deserved day off today, the first in quite a while

Sample Bottles

02/23/2017 | Posted by jake |

Various sample bottles from this year, we started with golden two weeks ago and hit amber and dark on our way to very dark today. While we do love the strong flavor of very dark we’re hoping for some colder weather so that we can get back to amber grade, 60 degree sap doesn’t have a very long shelf life and needs processed immediately.


Trucker Jake

02/20/2017 | Posted by jake |

Jake got to practice his trucking skills last night – had to pick up some sap so we wouldn’t overflow our storage tanks at the other properties. These beautiful, warm, sunny days are keeping us busy with a TON of sap!


Pumping Sap

02/20/2017 | Posted by jake |

A beautiful day to collect sap. This 3″ pump definitely beats carrying 5 gallon buckets!

Weather Update

02/16/2017 | Posted by jake |

If the ten day forecast holds we’re going to be swimming in sap for a while! Yesterday and today provided a nice cold break for us to catchup and prep brass road for tapping, we should be collecting from all four properties this weekend!