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Trucker Jake

02/20/2017 | Posted by jake |

Jake got to practice his trucking skills last night – had to pick up some sap so we wouldn’t overflow our storage tanks at the other properties. These beautiful, warm, sunny days are keeping us busy with a TON of sap!


Pumping Sap

02/20/2017 | Posted by jake |

A beautiful day to collect sap. This 3″ pump definitely beats carrying 5 gallon buckets!

Weather Update

02/16/2017 | Posted by jake |

If the ten day forecast holds we’re going to be swimming in sap for a while! Yesterday and today provided a nice cold break for us to catchup and prep brass road for tapping, we should be collecting from all four properties this weekend!


02/15/2017 | Posted by jake |

We just finished setting up all of our webcams, now we can check on our storage tanks and pump houses remotely. Each camera uploads a photo to our website every few minutes using either our home wifi or a prepaid wireless hotspot. No more restless nights worrying about pumps being down or tanks overflowing, just restless nights from fixing pumps and emptying tanks!


Hauling Sap

02/08/2017 | Posted by jake |

Hauling our first loads of sap. Our main truck can hold 5,000 gallons and our F-350 auxiliary/backup truck can haul 1000 on the trailer and 250 in the bed.

Reverse Osmosis Running

02/07/2017 | Posted by jake |

Our Reverse Osmosis (RO) is finally up and running! We went from a 1500 to 3900 gallon per hour system this offseason, about the limit of what this little room can hold. We collected 5000 gallons at our home base last night and hopefully a couple thousand more at Faust/Robinson road (we need to get our mobile webcams setup out there). Our first boil will be this evening or tomorrow morning, it’s exciting to see everything finally come together!

Tapping Update

02/01/2017 | Posted by jake |

Just finished tapping 7500 trees at our home base, now for the 3000 on Harmonsburg Road. Beautiful weather, there’s no where we’d rather be than in the woods right now!

Bottles and Spools

01/26/2017 | Posted by jake |

L&S Freight just stopped by with half a tractor trailer of our custom bottles. They also took 33 empty spools back, thats over ten miles worth of mainline!